DSB Corporate Savings account

For an entrepreneur, it is wise to put money aside. For example, saving to create a pension scheme for your staff, or to meet unexpected costs. With a Business Savings Account at De Surinaamsche Bank, you receive an attractive monthly interest rate, with continuous access to your savings.

Attractive: save with a good interest rate
Flexible: continuous access to savings
Easy: use Internet Banking and Mobile Banking
Benefits of a corporate savings account

A Business Savings Account from De Surinaamsche Bank offers you even more benefits:

  • Choice of currency: SRD, USD or EUR
  • Open a Business Savings Account with a deposit starting at SRD 50, USD 25 and EUR 25
  • Ease of use: access services at any time with Internet Banking
  • No costs*

* Please note: when your DSB Business Savings Account in SRD is left unused for more than 6 months, you will have to pay extra charges.