Why a DSB Creditcard

DSB Creditcard is ideal for traveling and to make online purchases. In collaboration with Mastercard, we have an appropriate DSB Creditcard for both the private and business customers. If you are a private customer, you can choose from the DSB Classic Creditcard or the DSB Gold Creditcard. For our corporate customers we have the DSB Corporate Creditcard.

Spending limit between USD 500, - (Classic &Gold Credit card) and USD 15,000, -
Worldwide payment convenience
Extra secure with EMV chip
Increase limit (temporary or permanent)
Withdraw money at ATMs in all countries
View and clear the outstanding balance 24/7 via DSB Internet Banking, DSB Mobile Banking app or DSB ATMs
Block creditcard via DSB Internet Banking and DSB Mobile Banking app
E-mail and SMS alerts for all transactions
Shopping online with your Credit card

Your credit card is an excellent payment method to secure all your purchases on the internet. Via Internet Banking and the Mobile Banking app you can view your credit card transactions 1x24 hours. This way you can check how much you have spent with your credit card. If the expiration date of your credit card is due soon, it is possible that certain online purchases cannot be processed. This varies depending on which website you're planning to shop. Keep an eye on the expiry date on your credit card.

Request a DSB Credit card, how does that work?

Requesting a DSB Credit card is very easy. You need at least:

  • DSB Current account in USD or DSB Savings account in USD and a DSB checking account in SRD
  • Valid ID
  • Last pay check
  • Recent employer's declaration
  • Filled in application form (click here to download)
  • DSB Internet Banking
Creditcard settlement

All authorized credit card transactions that you have carried out with the DSB credit card cycle of a month (as of the 19th of the current month until the 19th of the following month) are automatically cleared after the transaction. The amount of the payment depends on the payment method you have indicated. This can be a percentage of the amount spent (minimum payment) which is 4% of the outstanding balance or the full amount spent (full payment)


Settlement costs:

  • Minimum payment: costs (4% of the outstanding balance) plus 1¼% finance charges
  • Fullpayment: no costs
  • You’re rate for payment via bank mail, email, letter, transfer form (direct available): USD 10.00


Additional settlement?

If you wish to clear a higher amount than the minimum payment, this can be done easily and quickly via the renewed Internet Banking or the Mobile Banking app. In 'Transfers' you choose 'Debit your own creditcard'.


Creditcard expired

The expiration date of your credit card can be found on the front side of your card. You can pick up your replacement card at the DSB Kwatta one week before the expiry date.

Tips for using your DSB Credit card
  • Never give your credit card to third parties, even if someone asks you for it.
  • Keep the PIN code and CVC code of your DSB Credit card secret.
  • Shield your hand while entering the PIN code.
  • Store your DSB Credit card safely
  • Check if you receive back your card after each payment.
  • Block your DSB credit card immediately in the event of loss or theft. You can do this via DSB Internet Banking or the Mobile Banking App. If you don’t have access to Internet Banking, please send an e-mail to customersupport@dsb.sr of contactcenter@dsb.sr