Securities and more

You decide which stocks and bonds you wish to purchase or sell. You send the order and DSB takes care of the rest.

When the businesses you have invested in pay out interest or dividends and you have the securities in custody at De Surinaamsche Bank, DSB transfers the net returns to your account. At the end of the year, you receive a balance statement for your securities. If you do not have your securities in custody at DSB, please check for an announcement in the newspaper: you can them claim your dividend using your dividend coupon at one of our offices.

Our Custodial Office ensures that your share and bonds are kept securely. You receive an automatic invitation to every shareholder meeting.


Becoming a publicly traded company

Whether you are making your company's first public offering, or issuing extra shares or bonds, De Surinaamsche Bank will guide your emission of securities.

We take care of purchase and sale of securities
Automatic payout of your dividend
Your securities are kept and managed safely
Contact the Securities dept

Send an e-mail to to contact our Securities department.