Standard mortgage

With a standard mortgage you can buy a parcel, construct (wholly or partially), renovate or expand your dwelling. The maximum term of the mortgage is 15 years.

To apply for a standard mortgage, make an appointment and bring the following documents:


  • Copy of the parcel map
  • Approved technical drawing and budget for the dwelling to be constructed or expanded
  • Budget for the dwelling you wish to buy, partially or wholly construct, renovate or expand.
  • Phase plan
  • Extract from the mortgage register
  • Copy of your ID card
  • Nationality certificate
  • Declaration from the CBB
  • Employer's declaration or pay slip
  • 3 latest payslips
  • Non - resident: residence permit
  • Entrepreneur: annual figures
Lower incomes are also welcome
Also for renovation, expansion, modernizing your home
Repayment in SRDs
You can apply by the following the five steps:
  • Get a checklist and envelope at one of our offices.
  • Collect all the documents on the checklist.
  • Fill in the checklist in duplicate and sign it.
  • Put the documents and one of the signed checklists in the envelope. (Keep the other signed checklist for your own records.)
  • Put the envelope in a Drop-off Box.
  • In five working days, you'll receive an invite for a mortgage consultation.

 With DSB Video Banking it is possible to have a personal mortage consult via a remote video connection. Also for complex financial cases like mortgages we are here to assist you personally via a DSB I Video Banking

7% mortgage

With this 7% mortgage, you can finance the construction, renovation or expansion of your dwelling for a low interest rate and flexible conditions of repayment. You pay 7% interest annually.


You must meet the following requirements:

  • The amount you're borrowing is SRD 250,000 or less.
  • The mortgage will be repaid within 25 years.
  • Your gross monthly salary (for both you and your partner) is between SRD 2.000 and SRD 8.000
  • The surface area of the dwelling is between 150 (new home) and 275 square meters (expansion).
  • You should not have access to more homes
  • The lot should be debt free