Corporate Checking Account

Corparte Checking Account at De Surinaamsche Bank offers even more advantages:

  • Choice of currency (SRD, USD or EUR.)
  • For entrepreneurs of all kinds: open a Corporate Checking Account with a deposit starting at SRD 10, USD 50 and EUR 50.
  • Easy banking: access financial services through Internet Banking and Mobile Banking app 
  • Become a  POS merchant: Your customers can pay safely through your business POS
  • Connect your Creditcard (MasterCard) to your account for easy payment worldwide (only USD account)
  • Pay employees' salaries in Internet Banking

* Please note: if your DSB Corpate Checking Account is left unused for more than 6 months, extra charges will be applied.

Make and receive payments safely and efficiently
24/7 access to financial services through Internet Banking
Your customers pay through your POS
Opening a Corporate Checking Account

It's easy to open a Business Checking Account. You'll need:

  • Business Checking Account Application Form', duly completed (see below)
  • Valid proof of identity of the director, founders or associates
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry extract, or an extract from the Register of Foundations 
  • Charter/articles of association
  • Minimum deposit of SRD 10, USD 50 or EUR 50
  • For foreign entities: proof of identity with apostille
    Based on the interview, De Surinaamsche Bank may require additional documents. Both residents and non-residents have to be personally present to apply for a Business Checking Account.

To open a Business Checking Account, please make a Video Banking appointment for an interview.





Advantages Corporate Debit card
  • Corporate clients determine their own PIN limit for Corporate  Debit card
  • Amount is on the same day on the beneficiary's account (DSB - DSB)
  • Business account heads to the Business Debit Card Pay at> 8000 pos merchants in Suriname
  • Manage the corporate account of the Business Debit Card via DSB Internet Banking Free

Please note: the Corpate Debit Card is offered under certain conditions.

Corporate Credit card

With the DSB Credit Card you can pay easily and safely in Suriname and abroad. Companies around the world accept our credit cards. And you take money from ATMs anywhere in the world. That makes a DSB Credit Card ideal for traveling and to make online purchases. In collaboration with Mastercard, we have an appropriate DSB Credit Card for both the private and business customers.

The advantages of a DSB Credit Card
  • Spending limit between USD 100, - and USD 15,000, -
  • Worldwide payment convenience
  • Increase limit (temporary or permanent)
  • Take money at ATMs in all countries
  • View and clear the outstanding balance 24/7 via DSB Internet Banking, DSB Mobile Banking or DSB ATMs
  • 24/7 Block credit card via DSB Internet Banking and DSB Mobile Banking app
  • E-mail and SMS alerts for all transactions
Online purchases with your Credit Card

Your credit card is an excellent payment method to secure all your purchases on the internet. Via Internet Banking and the Mobile Banking App you can view your credit card transactions 1x24 hours. This way you can check how much you have spent with your credit card. If the expiration date of your credit card is due soon, it is possible that certain online purchases can not be processed. This varies depending on which website you're planning to shop. Keep an eye on the expiry date on your credit card.

DSB Credit Card settlement

All authorized credit card transactions that you have carried out in the DSB credit card are automatically cleared 2 or 3 business days after the transaction. The amount of the payment depends on the payment method you have indicated. This can be a percentage of the amount spent (minimum payment is 4%) or the full amount spent.

You’re rate at minimum payment: Interest
You’re rate at fullpayment: No interest
You’re rate for payment via bank mail, email, letter or transfer form: USD 5.00
You’re rate for payment via bank mail, email, letter, transfer form (direct available): USD 10.00